Features in Mainter

Asset Management

Visualise the lifecycle of all your assets. Including preventative and corrective maintenance, related spare parts, attached documents, and a complete cost overview. Accessible from both desktop and mobile.
assets management


Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Here, everyone can access what they need, from service technicians to operators on the production floor. From both desktop and mobile, regardless of their location.
asset tree


Build your facility faster than you think

With Mainter, registering all your assets, properties, and production lines is quick and easy. Our popular 'drag and drop' technology makes it simple to both build and maintain your facility. 

  • Customise Asset with Your Own Fields
  • Label Your Assets with QR Codes
  • Add Related Spare Parts
  • Attach Relevant Documents
  • Popular Drag-and-Drop Technology


Take a Long-term Approach with Your Assets

All the information is displayed on the asset in an easily digestible manner. Here you can see both completed and planned maintenance tasks. As well as register any downtime that occurs. Accessible to everyone, whether accessing via desktop or mobile.

  • Everyone Gets Access to the Right Information
  • Register Downtime on Your Machines
  • Plan Upcoming Maintenance
  • Complete and Check Off Work Orders
  • Easily Update When Your Facility Changes
asset cards
see costs of maintenance


Tracking and History

Is a major machine overhaul justified compared to multiple emergency maintenance tasks? Are we doing enough preventative maintenance and how many downtimes have we had? When should we invest in a brand-new machine? You'll find answers to these questions in the asset's cost tracking. 

  • Total Maintenance Cost
  • Downtime Overview
  • Associated Spare Parts and Material Costs
  • Labour Costs for Your In-house Service Technicians
  • Labour Costs for Your External Service Partners


A Maintenance System with Everything You Need

Mainter future-proofs your maintenance with a range of powerful yet simple-to-use features. All well-thought-out and easy to use for the maintenance department.

Work Orders

Overview, Prioritise and Check Off All Preventative and Corrective Maintenance
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Work Requests

Log all issues as they arise in the factory, quick and easy by using QR codes
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Asset Management

Gain full control over all your assets, accessible from both desktop and mobile devices
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Spare Parts

Ensure efficient spare part management, keep track of what's in stock, and link them to the appropriate work orders
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Review the time and costs associated with your maintenance activities and make informed decisions based on actual analytics
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It Really Works

Our customers have taken a comprehensive approach to their maintenance with Mainter CMMS

“Mainter is very user-friendly and provides a great overview of our maintenance operations. As a Maintenance Manager, I love the 'drag-and-drop' features in the planning calendar. Other favourites include QR codes for assets and spare parts, as well as the app, which makes the system accessible to everyone.”

Daniel Bergström

Derome Timber

"Our companies Guldfågeln and Ingelsta Kalkon have been using Mainter since its first release and are very satisfied. The system is powerful, easy to use, and can be tailored to our specific needs and conditions. A maintenance system for today, and tomorrow"

Helen Tuneld


"We're very pleased! Mainter is fast, modern, and easy to oversee and manage. The app has also been very well-received among our users. I'd like to mention the swift support, which is not a given with today's system providers."

Rikard Carlsson

Shorelink Terminal


Get started effortlessly, enthusiastically, and surprisingly quickly.

We often hear how easy it is to get started with Mainter CMMS. And it's always a pleasure to hear.

Here are our four straightforward steps – from a curious prospect to strategic success in the maintenance department.


Step 1 - Interested

Assess your current operations and major challenges. Evaluate Mainter with a free trial and personalised walkthrough.

Step 2 - Lay the Foundation

Collaborate and set up all of the facility's assets, maintenance tasks, and inventory items. Pat yourselves on the back - you're up and running!

Step 3 - Engage Your Team

Map out your maintenance department and invite technicians, parts managers, production supervisors and operators to the appropriate user types.

Step 4 - Strategic Success

Deepen your understanding with a planning calendar, record downtimes, and monitor costs. Congratulations: Mainter is now your strategic tool!


Choose Your Tier and Get Started

Select th eTier that suits your needs and the size of your maintenance department. You can always start with one Tier and then expand.


Ideal for businesses looking to start small and get going. Basic Tier includes a selection of Mainter's core features for maintenance and service.

SEK 299

/month per user

  • Work Orders

  • Work Requests

  • Asset Management

  • Spare Parts

  • And more...

Enterprise (coming soon)

Ideal for organisations aiming to take their maintenance to the next level and create synergies across multiple sites/units.


  • All in Professional +

  • Multiple Units

  • Integrations via Rest API

  • Single Sign-On

  • And much more...

Get started today

Mainter gives you powerful features in a user-friendly experience. Because you deserve a maintenance that works. For real.