About Mainter

Our aim is to become the industry's best and most user-friendly maintenance system. And we work hard and smart to achieve it.

Our History

Good relations have paved our way

Mainter originated from a dream to make a difference across all maintenance departments. A vision of creating a more sustainable supply chain, with fewer emergencies and more durable machinery.


Our Journey

We have a passion for software development

Our initial product idea came from our sister company, AM System, which had a maintenance module filled with experience and strong customer relationships.

These were key elements to take with us when we decided in 2018 to develop an entirely new maintenance system/CMMS, initially named AM Service. In the autumn of 2021, we launched the first version, and in 2023 we rebranded to Mainter.


That sums up our culture

Our ambitions are high, and we're proud to serve maintenance software to a wide range of companies, from small factories to large enterprises. From the very start, we've closely collaborated with our end-users, always striving to improve.

Most importantly, we enjoy the journey,
making it both about maintenance and entertainment. 

  • Simple

    Mainter is user-friendly, and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

  • Clever

    Mainter is filled with ingenious features, and we're a team of clever individuals.

  • Kind

    Mainter aims to foster sustainable maintenance and we are a compassionate workplace.

Grow Smart with Us

We are curious about those who want to work in a team and grow quickly, intelligently, and healthily. Frontend, backend, customer success, and support manager are some of our roles.