Maintenance Plans – Help You Stay a Step Ahead

Staying a step ahead is crucial to avoid unnecessary damage to both properties and machines.
Regardless of what your maintenance plan needs to include, you greatly benefit from having it available digitally. A digital maintenance plan saves you the time-consuming paperwork and also makes it easier to collaborate with others on various tasks.

Digital Maintenance Plan

With a digital maintenance plan, you can delegate tasks regardless of where you are or what time it is—it doesn't matter if the person you're delegating to isn't in the same location at that moment. The person will take on the task when they have time, and you can rest easy knowing the job will be done. Smooth for everyone involved.

A maintenance plan is never completely finished and is constantly being improved to facilitate maintenance work and minimise disruptions. Good planning saves time for maintenance and enables maximising the periods when machines are in use.

Example Maintenance Plan - 5 Steps to Success

1. Correct Information

The work order should contain the correct instructions and documents for the work to be carried out efficiently and without disruption.

2. Materials for the Job

All maintenance tasks should be equipped with the right materials, such as tools and spare parts, so that the work can be carried out correctly.

3. Location of the Unit

The plan should clearly include which unit, or part of a unit, needs maintenance to avoid confusion and waste of time.

4. Personnel and Resources

An important factor in planning is ensuring the right person knows which maintenance tasks they're responsible for, any additional skills required, and an estimated time frame for completion.

5. Time Scheduling

The plan should specify the day and time a maintenance task needs to be carried out. This is essential for preparations ahead of the work and for pausing production at the correct time.

Maintenance Plans for Your Machinery and Properties

In Mainter, you can establish maintenance plans for both your machinery and properties. The system is web-based and works exceptionally from both desktop and mobile. Here you can plan your maintenance activities, assign tasks to other users, or forward maintenance information to external parties when needed.

Overview of Stock Levels, Accessories and Spare Parts

Most assets that require maintenance also necessitate various types of accessories and spare parts. With Mainter's built-in stocktaking feature, you can easily see the remaining quantities of each specific item, along with the manufacturers and suppliers they're linked to. This simplifies the process of stocktaking and the recurring schedule of orders, ensuring you never run out of essentials unexpectedly. Items can also be associated with their respective assets, clearly indicating which spare parts belong to which asset.

Compile Analytics for Maintenance Work in One Place

The system also generates a history and analytics of previous maintenance work. With this information, you can quickly discern recurring patterns in the workflow. For instance, you can determine if machinery and equipment are being maintained at the proper intervals, thus saving resources on unnecessary maintenance. This helps you to prioritise and plan for the long term.

Template for Maintenance Plans in Mainter

Mainter has everything you need to structure your maintenance plan effectively. You register your machinery, buildings or other assets along with their accessories, centralising all relevant information in one place.

Here, you can create maintenance plans specifically tailored to your work. Utilising work orders, you can schedule maintenance tasks as you see fit and adjust the intervals to best suit your operations. 

As the software is entirely cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, whether you prefer a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Furthermore, you can supplement your maintenance plan with spare part management and purchase orders, making planning even more straightforward.


Complete overview for your entire maintenance team

  • Work orders

    Assign tasks to your technicians, who can tick them off directly from their mobiles.

  • Asset management

    Register assets, machinery, and properties. In an instant, using drag-and-drop technology.

  • Spare parts

    Be well-stocked with the right spare parts in your inventory. With seamless QR scanning and stock management.

Mainter's maintenance software offers a comprehensive view of your maintenance operations, facilitating a quick, simple, and seamless start. It also fosters collaboration between maintenance and production staff, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

A user-friendly maintenance system, accessible wherever you are, appreciated for its robust features.


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