Preventative Maintenance – Vital for Avoiding Downtime

With preventative maintenance, you can avoid many of the downtimes before they even occur. This ultimately reduces maintenance costs and leads to increased profitability as machines and assets can be utilised throughout their lifespan.

Create Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Preventative maintenance enhances your organisation's production efficiency. Investments in maintenance lead to improved staff safety, delivery reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Three Main Categories within Preventative Maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance identifies the state of the machines and helps you find the appropriate maintenance actions at the right time. With this approach, machine faults are detected well in advance, allowing for corrective actions before emergency repairs become necessary. It's important to note that condition-based maintenance requires in-house expertise to avoid the premature repair of machinery.

Pre-determined Maintenance

Pre-determined maintenance involves actions carried out at scheduled intervals without examining the machine's actual condition. This could occur monthly, quarterly, or annually, covering tasks such as lubrication, cleaning, or spare part replacement. Through pre-determined maintenance, operational reliability increases and emergency interventions decrease.

The challenge with pre-determined maintenance is the risk of over-maintaining and repairing machines, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a form of condition-based maintenance. Quickly identifying necessary repairs is possible through the analysis and evaluation of machine metrics. Better insights into when repairs are required lead to longer-lasting and more efficient equipment.

Working with predictive maintenance and solely relying on data may entail a higher initial cost for this maintenance method to flourish.

The Difference Between Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Maintenance can be categorised into corrective, preventative, and improving maintenance. Corrective maintenance includes what can be considered as emergency tasks. For example, replacing a broken component in a machine.

Preventative maintenance includes activities like machine inspections, which may lead to preventative actions or component replacements before they fail. Conducting maintenance to avoid future faults is also considered preventative. Various types of preventative maintenance have been described earlier in this article.

The Importance of Maintenance for a Healthy Work Environment

Most aspects of our work environment require regular review and maintenance. This includes machinery, premises, vehicles, and ventilation systems. All these are important from an occupational health perspective as well. Poor maintenance can lead to unsafe workspaces and, in the worst cases, accidents causing personal injury.

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Managing Preventative Maintenance in Mainter

Mainter's maintenance system is a cloud-based service that assists you in digitising the entire preventative maintenance process, from registration and carry out tasks to completion.

Involve the Maintenance Department and Production Staff

Being cloud-based, you can easily access the service from anywhere. Here, you can create and share work orders and checklists with other users, thereby maintaining control over all aspects of maintenance work.

When it's time to perform maintenance, you can plan and register it from your computer.
A maintenance technician can then open your work order and complete it, directly from their mobile.

Digital Maintenance System for App and Desktop

With Mainter as your platform, managing maintenance tasks and systematic upkeep becomes easier.
You gain a complete overview at a glance.

Register what needs to be done, choose a date or interval for the work, and then relax. No need for paperwork or binders; no more email threads or discussions about maintenance. Everything is managed in Mainter, whether you're on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


Complete overview for your entire maintenance team

  • Work orders

    Assign tasks to your technicians, who can tick them off directly from their mobiles.

  • Asset management

    Register assets, machinery, and properties. In an instant, using drag-and-drop technology.

  • Spare parts

    Be well-stocked with the right spare parts in your inventory. With seamless QR scanning and stock management.

Mainter's maintenance software offers a comprehensive view of your maintenance operations, facilitating a quick, simple, and seamless start. It also fosters collaboration between maintenance and production staff, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

A user-friendly maintenance system, accessible wherever you are, appreciated for its robust features.


Get started today

Mainter gives you powerful features in a user-friendly experience. Because you deserve a maintenance that works. For real.