Operator Maintenance Increases Production Efficiency

Operator maintenance is part of preventative maintenance. By engaging machine operators, routine maintenance activities are performed on the equipment they manage. It is a method used to minimise disruptions in production and optimise productivity.

Engage Production Staff in Maintenance

Machine operators completely take on small repairs like lubrication, cleaning, or filter replacements for the machines they manage. This frees up the maintenance department, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks and improvements. Thus, your organisation can reduce staffing costs for maintenance work.

Daily Oversight

For safety reasons, machines and equipment are increasingly subject to daily checks. This means that machines are inspected daily by the person who will operate them. An inspection report is completed by the equipment user before starting the day's work.

To make your employees' lives easier, it is crucial that daily inspections can be executed as simply and smoothly as possible. Moreover, all daily inspections are registered in your maintenance system. This eliminates the need for paperwork for your inspections, and the data fed into the system provides valuable historical insights and analytics.

Enhanced Operational Reliability

The primary focus of operator maintenance is to enhance operational reliability and foster efficient production. It's often the minor maintenance faults that aren't immediately addressed which lead to significant operational downtime. Armed with machine operators' expertise, these minor faults can be promptly identified and managed, ensuring maintenance is available for production, even during busy periods.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Maintain clear dialogue with operators regarding how maintenance tasks are organised, along with instructions on who is responsible for what. Schedule and monitor operators' duties for comprehensive organisational control. Set objectives for your maintenance work. A distinct vision from top management down to all employees establishes both direction and focus.

Operator Maintenance as Part of Overall Maintenance

Much like any other form of maintenance, operator maintenance can also be managed through a maintenance system. Here, you can create your own schedule and systematic activities, which everyone can easily access. With system support, you obtain a comprehensive overview of what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

Manage Operator Maintenance in the Mainter Maintenance System

Just as operator maintenance is described above, it can be set up in Mainter’s maintenance system. A cloud-based service that assists in digitising the entire maintenance process, from planning and recording to execution with checklists, spare part management, and finalisation. All accessible with varying permissions for different roles.

As User-Friendly as It Is Powerful

Mainter is particularly praised for its user-friendly interface. It's easy to get started, and as the service is cloud-based and also available as a mobile app, you can readily access your maintenance system wherever you may be.

Operator Maintenance and Daily Inspections

You can swiftly implement operator maintenance. This relieves your maintenance department, providing room for more long-term maintenance planning, where service technicians can concentrate on what’s most crucial.

Invite machine operators with ease

Operator maintenance in Mainter is set up with a free user type for your machine operators. Everyone logs in with a shared login to the digital production board, but traceability features for individual operator users allow you to see who has carried out which maintenance tasks.


Complete overview for your entire maintenance team

  • Work orders

    Assign tasks to your technicians, who can tick them off directly from their mobiles.

  • Asset management

    Register assets, machinery, and properties. In an instant, using drag-and-drop technology.

  • Spare parts

    Be well-stocked with the right spare parts in your inventory. With seamless QR scanning and stock management.

Mainter's maintenance software offers a comprehensive view of your maintenance operations, facilitating a quick, simple, and seamless start. It also fosters collaboration between maintenance and production staff, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

A user-friendly maintenance system, accessible wherever you are, appreciated for its robust features.


Get started today

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